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Canopy ~ Copper Awnings

              Adds character while protecting the wood framing of doors & windows (and interiors) from harsh sunlight

                                                     Fabricated with copper framing for durability & strength


         Custom designed to fit style and needs of each window or door   
                                     Awnings treated to match the patina of the early 1900's copper roof.

         ~  Front door custom copper canopy    ~

  Copper Canopy ~ All fabricated and handcrafted on site ~ Estate in Rumson, New Jersey

Just completed August 2014

Aging Beautifully  (November 2015)


Before & After
Custom copper work on residence Red Bank, NJ


            Canopy protection ~ standing seam, side panels & decorative supports

                 Copper clad electric meter with hinged door

                   Copper work completed September 2016

           Front Door Custom Copper

                   Spring 2015
                        French country design home ~ Gainesville, Florida
                   Standing seam copper, flat lock panels, and stucco stop flashings


                 Top copper panel view

            Front Custom Copper 6 Panel Awnings

                     Installed November 2015 ~ Residence in Rumson, New Jersey

                      Awnings add shade protection over windows & door
               and enhance the front elevation

                   Side entrance door with transom window
                and over window


November 2014 awnings in Glen Head, New York
Decorative iron work with 16 oz. copper standing seam cladding


                Curved drip edge and counter flashings with soldered lap joints