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Johnston Copperworks

Professional on-site fabrication and installation of custom architectural copperwork.

We are now based in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming region (in Star Valley).  As a completely mobile business, we have done an extensive amount of work in the Northeast, Southeast, and other areas around the country.  We work on remodels, restorations, new construction and repairs on slate, tile, cedar, thatch, copper - expert (and proven) leak solutions and freeze/thaw ice damage.  I work with homeowners, architects, realtors, engineers, property management & contractors.  Copper adds an immediate distinction to any home while making its value and appearance more attractive - also it creates a lasting protection and shield from all weather.  We have years of experience installing industry standard flashings with copper, slate, tile, cedar, thatch and many other roofing systems, and how they intersect and combine - with the end result of being perfect and watertight. 

Services Offered

Our services include custom bay windows, dormers, canopies, awnings, protective chimney chases & decorative caps, cupolas, specialty copper cladding & fabrication, copper cladded deicing cables, snow rails, gutters, custom designs, interior work, and all types of flashings & vents.  We do vertical & horizontal soldering with copper, stainless steel, muntz, zinc, terne metal, galvanized metal and aluminum.  Our Coppersmith has a large portfolio of over 28 years of specialty copperwork done on many estates from New York to Miami and other locations in and out of the country.  We have references from homeowners, architects and contractors of professional quality work completed.  Visit our Portfolio Page to view photos.

Our customer's desires are very important to us.  When the work is done, we want you completely satisfied.  In the process, our Coppersmith will operate with complete integrity - in offering suggestions and ideas drawing on years of experience.  He will take the time to communicate with you on every aspect of the job.  His motto is "do it right the first time."

Johnston Copperworks 
Mobile:  (307)880-3078
Office:  (307)226-5078

  476 Snow Forest Dr #7630

  Star Valley Ranch, WY 83127


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