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About Us

We are a mobile business.

Meet our Coppersmith...
Daniel Johnston

"I'm here to serve you for all types of specialty copperwork applications and solutions to make your home or business protected from the elements, restored, or just updated in its appearance.  I work with homeowners, architects, realtors, engineers, property management & contractors.  Your call, email, or text with any questions or need is always welcome!  Thanks!"

Company History

Daniel has always worked with his hands - from being a certified Honda motorcycle technician in Long Beach, California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming as snowmobile mechanic and a NAPA machinist - to Teton Valley, Idaho as DHIA supervisor, owning a Buck Rail fence building business, managing a 600 acre cattle ranch and farrier work - to Florida as a partner in an automotive repair shop and most recently the past 28 years, he's been in the roofing industry and is now located in Star Valley, Wyoming.  The hands-on experience and skills he's learned is evident in his work and in his knowledge of the trade.

Customer Testimonials

"When it comes to the installation of copperwork and flashings, it takes a professional execution to achieve effective protection from water infiltration.  In our experiences with Daniel Johnston, he has proved himself to be a consummate professional, being able to achieve the desired results.  We have seen that Dan has the ability to work within challenging and complex areas to waterproof.  Our involvement with Johnston Copperworks has yielded many positive outcomes." 


                              Felicia Campanella, AIA

                              Anderson Campanella Architects

                              Rumson, New Jersey

"When we bought our 1925 Georgian-style home it was in severe disrepair with the roof a veritable sieve.  Dan Johnston worked magic on our home's massive copper roof, adding highlights like a dentil ridge and even tinting the repairs and new pieces to make it look like it had all been there over 80 years.  We think the roof is in better shape now than it has EVER been.  We cannot say enough good things about Dan and the herculean effort he displayed on our home; his craftsmanship and strong work ethic are absolutely unparalleled.  We won't let anyone else but Dan Johnston touch our roof!"

                           Chris & Avery Brighton

                           Rumson, New Jersey
        (NOTE:  Home featured in "design NJ" magazine)

"Dan thanks for the great job done!  It's rare these days to work with

true craftsmen that take pride in their work the way you do."


                             Mike and Chris Foggia

                             (Slate & EPDM repairs on custom home)

                             Rumson, New Jersey

That copper canopy you just finished is fantastic!
Whenever I look at your web site, I just can’t stop scrolling from page-to-page. Your workmanship and your eye for design are truly unmatched.
I will be proud to refer people to you for your fine work every chance I get.  Thank you for sharing the picture."

                             Mark Quinto
                             W.F. Norman Corp.
                             Nevada, Missouri

"First I would like to say thanks for the excellent job you did on my house.  Everyone who notices the work can't believe that it was done on site - and by one man.  The dormers look more like pieces of jewelry than beautiful lead coated copper worked roof dormers.  In addition, because of your kind and honest nature, it was a pleasure having you by my home and watching a true artist at work."

                              Jacob Bouganim
                              Roslyn Harbor, New York

“When our preservation society raised funds to have the copper roof on our 104 year old historical building repaired we were lucky enough for someone to offer up the business card of Johnston Copperworks Inc. Dan traveled many miles to come to us and work on our beloved building. He cared just as much as we do! The work was done perfectly and explained in great detail to our entire board of directors. We were able to see photos of the process and appreciate all of the extra time that took. Dan went above and beyond, even crawling in some pretty tight spaces to replace a light bulb! I smile each time I look up and see how beautiful our dome looks shining in the sunlight! Thank you from the entire James Memorial Art Center Board of Directors.”

                               Deana Novak
                               James Memorial Art Center
                               Williston, North Dakota

"Thank you again for the lovely ceiling, it is truly awesome and we can't wait for it all to be done so we can enjoy the ceiling."

                          Dawn & Robert Marsh

                          Trenton, Florida

"Thank you for your dedication to the project and for your helpful insights throughout the progression of the project. I know that I can speak for my whole family when I say that we greatly appreciate your impeccable craftsmanship. It was our pleasure to work with you on this project. We will enjoy our home for many years to come and the completion of the home would not have been possible without your help and support.

Many thanks!"

"Having worked with a lion's share of roofing related sheet metal installers in the state of Florida over my 20 plus years of working as a Quality Assurance Representative for A/R/C Associates Inc., I have not had the opportunity to work with someone who displays as much skill and knowledge of working with sheet metal and especially copper as Daniel Johnston.  We recently completed reroofing the Thomas Center in Gainesville, Florida.  This project was designed with the intent to preserve the historical integrity of the building and was under scrutiny of the local historical review board.  The roof type was vitrified clay tile with copper flashings, edge metals and internal gutters leading to ornate conductor heads with downspouts.  Dan Johnston impressed me with his ability to not only reproduce new conductor heads resembling the original, but was able to fabricate them better than the original.  Skills such as these are rarely seen in the roofing industry today.  Regarding perimeter edge metal and gutter fabrication/installation, these items were installed in strict accordance with the design specifications maintaining integrity and overall desired appearance.  In closing, I would strongly recommend utilizing Daniel's skills and know-how when design integrity and appearance are imperative."


                  Troy Howe

                  Quality Assurance Rep.

                  A/R/C Associates Inc.

                  (Architects, Roof Consultants

                     and Construction Specialists)

                  Orlando, Florida

"After purchasing a historic building in downtown Lake City (a Victorian style home built in 1907) to house our offices, our major concern was to make sure our roof would protect our investment.  As it was, it had multiple leaks.  To replace the custom stamped interlocking metal shingles would have been a major expense, so we decided to just have it repaired.  We hired Daniel Johnston to do the job.  He thoroughly went over each roof section - replacing field and valley interlocking shingles and valleys as needed.  The end cost was minimal compared to total replacement.  He also fabricated and installed custom copper chimney caps fashioned after the original design.  The results of all his work (with plenty of rain in Florida) is NO LEAKS.  All in all, a job well done.  Thanks!"


                   Josh Sparks, President

                   Sparks Construction

                    Lake City, Florida

Sugar Cane Skimmer testimonial....

"Received the order on Wednesday evening.  I knew there was no way to keep it until his birthday in late April.  Took the unopened box to him as soon as I saw it.  He talked about how light the box was; couldn't be much in it.  He opened it and felt through the peanuts until he found it.  When he saw the bright copper, he knew what he had.  He looked it over and over and commented on this and that.  He told me a shotgun would not have been better.  His wife told him about handles at Home Depot.  He said absolutely no.  He would go into the woods and find a sweet gum tree.  That's what his daddy and papa did.  He will be taking his boys to find the perfect handle.  Not sure when, but certainly before syrup time again.  Right now the skimmer is on a table in his house.  He walks by, picks it up, admires it again, and places it on the table.

He plans to make syrup every year.  The old skimmer will not be thrown away, but hung safely in the syrup house. Both his boys (10 and 14) worked making the syrup this year.  It warms my heart to see him teaching them as his father and grandfather taught him.

Thank you for the skimmer.  It will be used for many years."

                             Linda from Georgia

Kelly Mericle

Private Residence - Longport, New Jersey


303 Cherry Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

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