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Chimney Caps and Covers

DJC - 1 (19).jpg

Curved 10 panel standing seam decorative cap

  Residence located 

in Western Wyoming next to Bridger Teton National Forest

DJC - 1 (73).jpg
Rocky Mountain chimney chase metal on home in Star Valley Ranch

After installing signature 20 oz copper framing (for high winds & strength), we attach standing seam panels for completion of cap

DJC - 1 (1).jpg
DJC - 1 (2).jpg

Installed half round brick flashings with ledge panels and counter flashings on 4 chimneys to protect masonry and to prevent leaks. 

Repaired tile over entire roof and inspected all flashings.

Was also part of roofing crew installing tile & copper when house was originally built.

Stockbroker English Tudor Estate

(1920's replica)


Ornamental dentil ridge added to 1920's standing seam copper roof  and thru-flue chimney chase metal & ledge flashings installed on 5 chimneys (to protect brick and masonry from water penetration and freeze-thaw damage).  Tuck pointed chimney below at middle section to repair damage done from lightning strike. 

       Also total copper roof repairs and                                  flashing inspection. 


            ~Copper Downs Farm/Estate ~ 
                  Rumson, New Jersey

Copperwork done on new construction estate in        Palm Beach, Florida

Included nine chimneys, multiple custom windows and flat-lock lead-coated panels 

2 1/2 ft. x 2 1/2 ft.  square curved panel chimney cap 

Installed with chase cover.

Large 3 ft. x 4 ft. custom architect

          designed chimney cap

      Chimney cap installed - curved copper panels        matching curved slate roof - North Florida Residence 


    Curved standing seam chimney cap

Installed over protective copper chase on                   framed chimney (top exhaust)

100 year Replica Chimney Caps

                  Installed on Historical Building. 

Also repaired damaged shingles & leaks on entire roof.

                    Located in Lake City, Florida

Architect designed chimney cap

Second architect designed chimney cap

Fabricated & installed September 2017 - Residence in Millstone Township, New Jersey

DJC - 1 (2).jpg

 Copper clad bluestone chimney cap with counter        flashed chase metal


Work done on 4 chimneys to protect brick and masonry
                 from water penetration & freeze-thaw damage
                                             (to correct leaking chimneys)
Residence in Colts Neck, New Jersey
Protective copper chase installed on framed                                           stucco chimney
Cottage in Rumson, New Jersey
Thru-flue chase cover to protect masonry & brick                                        chimney
Various types of copper flashings installed to repair                                 leaking chimney
Three leaking chimneys repaired
Square chase cover on 2nd masonry chimney
             Located in Pensacola, Florida
Residence near Pine Mountain, Georgia
Work completed February 2016

  Outdoor fireplace 12 panel curved chimney cap

Residence located in Manhasset (Long Island), NY

                 Installed November 8, 2016

Thru-flue lead-coated copper chimney cap
Finished operating chimney cap
Above chimney caps installed    on Dallas, Texas Residence
Architect - Robert A.M. Stern
                   New York, NY
      Masonry protective chase cover soldered 
 20 oz. framing for strength & 16 oz. decorative
         standing seam panels on 2 chimneys
Residence in Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, New York

Chimney cap blown off by 

Hurricane Sandy and replaced with 

20 oz. copper framing and 18 gage

expanded metal screen with

original top straightened and reinstalled

Also replaced and repaired slate over

entire roof and flashing inspection.

Work done on 100 year old residence located in Rumson, New Jersey
Ledge flashing with chase cover and
thru-flue flashing to eliminate leaks on
masonry vent chimney
Residence in Little Silver, New Jersey

Specialty copper chase metal and brick flashing to

protect and eliminate chimney leaks on

ocean front home that had survived Hurricane Sandy.

Cedar roof repairs and flashing inspection -

also repaired two crickets.

Residence in Mantoloking, New Jersey

Copper clad masonry chimney 16 panels
Residence in Colts Neck, New Jersey

Chimney bluestone

covered & flashed

with copper

Masonry protection

to prevent leaks

Residence in

Rumson, New Jersey

~One of a kind chimney~

Cricket soldering & restoration at panels & returns - Flat lock copper installed at bluestone ledges

plus counter flashing - Upsized leaders & outlets to facilitate more efficient water drainage

needed for a roof of this size and scope


~ Residence in Deal, New Jersey ~ work completed summer 2015

Residence in Holmdel, New Jersey
Installed summer 2015

Colonial style chimney cap

Straight standing seam with a copper chase foundation

Before and after pictures of work done on chimneys.  Installed new drip edge, flat lock panels, and

thru flue flashings with lead coated copper.  Recoated clay chimney pots.

2nd chimney work done

shows before,

during, and after

Residence in Deal, New Jersey

work completed summer 2015


Standing seam straight panel chimney cap

on 2 chimneys

Installed on residence

  Longport, New Jersey


Before and after pictures of installed 20 oz. lead coated copper chimney chase with custom made rain caps to protect 7 chimneys, flues, concrete tops, and dry stack stone from the abundant rain of south Florida

Installed on Estate in Vero Beach, Florida
DJC - 1 (12).jpg
DJC - 1 (15).jpg
DJC - 1 (13).jpg
DJC - 1 (14).jpg

Before and After pictures of 2 chimneys showing the need for the installation of copper chase cover - also repaired Ludowici tile as needed

(Classic 1956 custom built residence in South Orange, New Jersey)

DJC - 1 (40).jpg
DJC - 2 (12).jpg
DJC - 1 (39).jpg
DJC - 3 (5).jpg
DJC - 4 (4).jpg

Before & After pictures of chimney - copper chase & thru flue flashings installed

Historic 100 year old Residence located in Rumson, New Jersey

DJC - 1 (46).jpg
DJC - 3 (8).jpg
DJC - 1 (43).jpg
DJC - 2 (15).jpg
DJC - 1 (45).jpg
DJC - 2 (16).jpg
DJC - 1 (44).jpg
Specialty copper drip chase protection on 2 chimneys on Residence in Lake City, Florida

   Chimney repairs on Residence        built in 1936 by Cade B. Allen

   Historical Allendale Section of

         St. Petersburg, Florida

  Spanish Mission style on original                      brick street

      Work completed March 2016

1st ChimneyBefore
During repairs
2nd Chimney Before
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