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Collectors & Gutters

Lead coated copper built-in gutter with patined parapet panels

Finished look with French stone, plinth & marble installed.

Kings Point Estate

Long Island, New York

Gutter work done on Restaurant on the Island of Antigua

Built-in gutter with patina trim

Installed built-in gutter soldering picture of vertical & horizontal joints with the help of local Antiguan worker.

Antiguan helpers installing gutter for soldering

Soldering on all flashings, tie-ins, connections, corners, crickets, valleys, expansion joints & gutter - built-in shown & on K-style
Historic Thomas Center & Gardens - Gainvesville, Florida
Fabricated reproduction of 1906 collector heads & installed 11 on Historic Thomas Center
Fabricated replica of 1920's collector & strap and installed with K-style gutter & custom fabricated leader pipes
Residence in Historic District of Gainesville, Florida
Custom design outlets - thru fascia flange
Bottom view showing African soffit with leader-less custom gutter
Inside gutter photo of installed outlets thru fascia, brackets & expansion joints
Front view of custom designed box gutter
Residence in 
Port Royal (Naples),
Architecturally designed outlets on 1906 replica fabricated collectors - all seams soldered for strength & for smooth exterior
Residence in Boonville, Indiana

 Commercial project - working with local roofing company & Turner Construction Company (a multi-billion dollar nationwide company) at University of Florida Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Institute - Gainesville, FL - Soldered in place 740 feet of copper box gutter & 2350 feet of leader pipe (to eliminate water penetration at brick and masonry areas) using 60' and 80' man lifts.

Secured at top, unanchored, and turned to expose lap joints - ready to solder.
                 One leader pipe - 72 linear feet of           vertical and horizontal riveted lap joint soldering.

 Lead coated copper half round gutter and
leader added to protect upper deck area ~
installed with cast bronze bracketsand
custom made diverter

Oceanfront Residence
Deal, New Jersey
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