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Slate, Cedar, Tile, Standing Seam (installation & repairs) Heat Cables and Snow Rails

DJC - 9 (1).jpg
Beautiful Log Cabin in 
Star Valley, Wyoming next to
Bridger-Teton National Forest

Installed self regulating roof deicing cables on eaves, valleys & gables of areas that caused excessive roof damage.  Cables enclosed in copper to transfer heat more effectively & to protect cable from future ice damage.

DJC - 1 (17).jpg
DJC - 2 (3).jpg

Before and After Pictures of freeze thaw ice damage - repaired with new ice & water shield, new valleys & standing seam panels with MS original company products

DJC - 1 (27).jpg
DJC - 4 (2).jpg
DJC - 6 (1).jpg

Some cables on these roof planes were encased with the same metal & color as the roof

DJC - 7 (1).jpg
DJC - 1 (22).jpg
DJC - 1 (20).jpg
DJC - 1 (28).jpg
DJC - 1 (27).jpg
DJC - 2 (7).jpg
Standing seam repairs - before, during & after pictures

Residence located in Nordic Ranches Etna, Wyoming
DJC - 1 (28).jpg

Before & after repairing ice damaged standing seam roof

Residence located in Star Valley, Wyoming

DJC - 2 (8).jpg

Repairs on metal roof from freeze/thaw ice damming at valleys (Before & After photos)

Residence located in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

Copper snow rails installed on standing seam roof to eliminate ice damage on stairs and walkway below
Residence in Rumson, New Jersey
Snow rails installed for safety and to eliminate ice damage at awning and walkway areas
Slate repaired on entire home
Residence in Rumson, New Jersey
Lead coated copper snow rails to match existing copper work for gutter protection
Slate repairs on entire roof
(located on Navesink River)
Red Bank, New Jersey Estate
Front & rear view - slate repaired on residence in
Monmouth County, New Jersey 2017
 1927 Monmouth County, New Jersey 2017
Slate repairs & cleaning on entire roof  
Slate repairs on entire roof
Rumson, New Jersey residence
Slate repairs (and other copper related repairs) on entire estate
Oceanfront Long Branch, New Jersey
Dormer copper work & slate repairs on entire roof - Estate in Roslyn Harbor, New York
Slate Repairs - Oceanfront Estate  
Deal, New Jersey

Slate Repairs (plus copper restoration) 

IMG_0375 (1).jpg
Vintage Compass

Beautiful ocean front estate  located in Vero Beach, Florida

work completed summer 2018

Repairs on Appalachian style cedar shake siding
Damage caused by woodpeckers, carpenter bees & power washing
Residence in Ocean Township, New Jersey

Repairs (removing & replacing) on custom specialty wave course cedar shingle roof on

one-of-a-kind architecturally designed home

Located in Deal, New Jersey

(work in progress Fall 2018)


Finished replacing cedar shingles for this roof plane - ready for painting

completed late fall 2018

Autumn Leaves


Longport, New Jersey

Installing custom Alaskan Yellow Cedar shingles on small & large domes

All dome shingles are steam bent by 
"Custom Shingles"
DJC - 2 (11).jpg
DJC - 1 (31).jpg

Famous C&H Roofing* "Country Cottage Roof"

with rolled eaves, rolled gables, & wavy roof line courses 

(located in Huntington, NY)

Repairs on ridge & field shingles

(*now known as Custom Shingles)

DJC - 1 (29).jpg
DJC - 1 (30).jpg

Custom built classic 1956 residence (located South Orange, New Jersey)

Repaired Ludowici tiles as needed

DJC - 1 (40).jpg
DJC - 1 (41).jpg

Barrel Tile made in France (Languedocienne)


Repairs done on ocean front estate

(located in Monmouth County, New Jersey)

DJC - 3 (6).jpg
Slate Repairs on Historic 100 year old Residence 
Located in Rumson, New Jersey
DJC - 3 (8).jpg
DJC - 1 (46).jpg
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