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Specialty Copperwork

DJC - 1 (18).jpg

Log cabin located in mountains

Star Valley, Wyoming

Installed EPDM 45 mil rubber on flat roof deck that was damaged by rain & snow.

Installed 6" copper drip edge to divert water flow away from logs underneath.

Repaired damaged log structure with wood hardener & wood epox & stained.

DJC - 1 (15).jpg
DJC - 2 (4).jpg
DJC - 1 (67).jpg
DJC - 1 (68).jpg

Copper kick plates added to already damaged doors to protect & to enhance appearance

Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

DJC - 1 (66).jpg
DJC - 1 (32).jpg

Copper kick plates added to damaged mahogany french doors to protect & restore

Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

DJC - 1 (69).jpg
DJC - 2 (26).jpg

Before & After

Triple patio doors damaged by weather & repaired with new wood & copper for protection

DJC - 1 (72).jpg
DJC - 1 (71).jpg
Star Valley, Wyoming
DJC - 2 (27).jpg

Repairs on posts & rails on exterior deck.

Applied wood hardener & wood epoxy on weather damaged areas.

Fabricated & installed specialty copper post caps to prevent further damage.

(Before & After photos)

Residence located in Star Valley Ranch, Wyoming

DJC - 1 (42).jpg
Stockbroker English Tudor Estate 1920's replica
LaGrange, Georgia
Custom brick parapet walls
Covered with copper flashings to prevent water instrusion & to protect masonry mortar
Fabricated & installed ornamental dentil  ridge on entire house (applied patina to match 100 yr. old copper roof) and ledge flashings installed on chimney to protect brick & masonry from water penetration
Residence in Rumson, New Jersey
Ornamental ridge & finials fabricated and installed to add distinction
Left natural to blend with standing seam roof - Residence in Lake City, Florida
Copper scalloped ridge metal on simulated thatch roof on pool house - Residence in Rumson, New Jersey

Remove & replace lead coated copper  drip edge on entire estate - also installing new copper gutter where needed

(2 month project working with a professional contractor)

Large estate located in Vero Beach, Florida ~ work completed summer 2018
Copper vent pipe flashing installed on cedar shake roof
Copper fascia with decorative lapped Douglas Fir wood installed on whole house
Custom Home in Lake City, Florida
Copper vent pipe flashings added to simulated slate roof installed on Residence in Lake City, Florida
Large & small curved louvered roof vents fabricated for specialty slate job in Tallahasse, Florida
Tiered thru wall flashings & lead coated copper returns 
Thru wall flashings side view
Finished look after stone & slate installed
Finished look with metal, stone, step flashings & slate installed
20 oz. lead coated copper parapet & flat lock roofing installed over 2nd story window area
Residence located in Brookville,
Long Island,
New York
Lead coated copper thru-flue chimney flashings with cricket
Upper chimney thru-flue flashings
Finished with brick & cedar shingle roof - Residence in Brookville, (Long Island) New York
Lead coated copper window sill & door pan flashings
(installed on entire estate)
for mahogany MQ Doors & Windows of Canada 
Residence in Sands Point, (Long Island) New York
Zeluck window sill, door pan & top flashings on total estate - Residence located in Palm Beach, Florida
New replacement skylight with curved flashing installed & soldered at corners with EPDM flashed stripping
Oceanfront Residence
Deal, New Jersey
Curved top flashings, window sill & door pans fabricated with lead coated copper for Reilly Windows & Doors (custom made in Long Island, NY) for Locust Valley Estate
Fabricated & installed copper flashings on cedar corbels to prevent water damage on entire house
Same flashings installed on cedar posts for protection
Roof plane view of reflashed area
Added cricket extension and enlarged outlet to increase drainage from front of house
Drainage Issue
Installed new EPDM flat roof with copper drain & flashings (on tower shown on top of this page)
Extended cricket area, corbel flashings, gutter & sill flashings to protect lower bay window from upper drainage
Estate in LaGrange, Georgia 
Capital flashings in lead coated copper to protect support columns at back & front of home
Residence in Jacksonville, Florida
Decorative stamped lead coated copper installed to protect column capitals
Residence in Roslyn, New York
Protective capital flashings on columns in red copper
Residence in Lloyd Harbor, New York
Copper clad stucco quoins with custom stampled frames on both side entrances of specialty restaurant
Lake City, Florida
Replica 100 year old sugar cane skimmers for historical sugar cane processing
Individually numbered, logo monogrammed for handcrafted value
Available for shipping
Repairs on Tischler door pans & flat lock areas (reflashed)
Oceanfront Estate Long Branch, New Jersey

Installed custom built copper bird nest deterrent on open exposed support beams to replace spikes that birds continued to build nests on creating a mess of outdoor livable areas.

Residence located in Deal, New Jersey
Copper clad plastic dryer vent
Copper clad aluminum outlet
Copper clad black outlet end

Installed on oceanside residence 

  Longport, New Jersey

DJC - 3 (11).jpg
Fire table custom built with treated lumber & copper cladded
DJC - 1 (49).jpg
DJC - 1 (50).jpg

Copper clad posts to save paint & wood from weed whippers & lawn equipment

DJC - 2 (22).jpg

Copper Clad outdoor farm table

DJC - 1 (53).jpg
DJC - 1 (52).jpg

Copper clad fire pit cover

DJC - 1 (51).jpg
DJC - 4 (8).jpg
DJC - 1 (62).jpg

Specialty Repairs done on office building located downtown Thayne, Wyoming in Star Valley

DJC - 1 (60).jpg
DJC - 1 (61).jpg
Inspect all cedar shake roof areas, parapet walls, roof penetrations & repair as needed

Door kick plates added to protect doors from weather & pet damage
Rumson, New Jersey

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